Project co-financed by the EEA Financial Mechanism 2009-2014

Conference inaugurating the project



During 29-30th January, the conference inaugurating the project was held. It is one of two conferences scheduled during the project, and the second one will be a summary of the project showing the effects of the measures implemented. The conference was attended by over 60 people, mainly engaged in the protection of marine mammals and nature of the Baltic Sea, maritime administration and local government, and also representatives of research units and employees of the Słowiński National Park. At the beginning, Katarzyna Woźniak, the Director of the Słowiński National Park, and the coordinator of the project, welcomed the participants. During the conference, the project coordinator presented the problems connected with the project, its tasks and expected results. He also discussed the stages of the project’s development.


Further lectures focused on the protection of gray seals and harbor porpoises, presented by Mr. Krzysztof Skóra from the Marine Station of the Institute of Oceanography in Hel. Professor presented the state of knowledge, the scope of research and the issue of the protection of marine mammals in the Polish Maritime Areas. The latest results of the SAMBAH projects porpoise detections were also presented. Mr Jerzy Baginski, a representative of WWF presented the Blue Patrol activities in the protection of marine mammals, providing valuable guidance on monitoring seals. Mr. Marek Szulc of the Maritime University of Szczecin also discussed a problem of the occurrence of the so-called "ghost nets" and how to remove them. Mrs. Agnieszka Lisiak from the Regional Inspectorate of Marine Fisheries in Słupsk gave a lecture on the tools used to catch fish in the coastal waters of the Baltic Sea and the treatment of unmarked gear. At the end, Mr. Piotr Gruszka gave a lecture on benthic habitats for SPN’s marine territory. Lecture topics at the conference were chosen in the light of the problems of the project and project’s tasks. Each lecture resulted in a discussion, many questions and suggestions were raised, answered by speakers. Invited guests shared their experiences, ideas and suggestions how to carry out the tasks of the project, which can improve the performance of its intended action.


The promotional materials for the project were handed during the conference, bearing the logo of the EEA project – project financing institution and Słowiński National Park.

We would like to thank to all our participants and especially our speakers for their participation in the conference and for their valuable comments and the exchange of experiences. We also would like to invite you to the summarizing conference in 2016 of which we will notify you.


fot. P. Mizancew

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