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The observation of the ringed seal



Between 14-15th of July we recorded a few observations of marine mammals, including ringed seals at the beach in the Słowiński National Park. The first observation took place on July 14th around 13.30 while descending to the beach of the Czołpinska Sand Dune trail, (approximately 202 km of sea shore). A swimming seal, floating few meters from the shore, has been observed and photographed by tourists. Another observation took place on the same day around 18.00 while descending to the beach near the Łącka Sand Dune trail (189.5 km). It was a ringed seal, resting on the beach for about 2 hours, then swam away. The seal was seen the next day in the afternoon swimming in the area of Łeba. It was probably the same ringed seal. A few weeks ago, in the area of ​​Łeba, an individual of the same species of seals was also observed.

A ringed seal is one of three species of seals living in the Baltic Sea. In appearance it stands out with visible rings on its fur, from which its name is derived. This species is extremely rarely seen on the Polish coast – its natural habitat of the north - eastern part of the Baltic Sea.

Seals are animals related not only to the aquatic habitat, but also the land. They go ashore to dry their fur and relax – let them do it while maintaining the appropriate distance and calm. Also, we remind you that every observation of seals should be reported to organizations dealing with the protection of marine mammals such as IO UG Marine Station in Hel, the WWF Blue Patrol or Słowiński National Park.




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