Project co-financed by the EEA Financial Mechanism 2009-2014

Expected results


The project will increase the efficiency of management and monitoring of Natura 2000 sites within the Park. The recognition of population of seals and porpoises occurring in the project area and their potential habitats will allow to diagnose problems and to take steps to eliminate threats to marine mammal populations. In addition to the removal of lost fishing gears that pose a threat to the Baltic mammals, it will be possible to take steps to exclude areas from human impact.

Adopting more efficient management of the natural environment of Słowiński National Park, primarily for the protection of marine mammals and gaining experience during the implementation of the project can be used in other parts of the Baltic Sea. Recognizing the importance of the population, as well as identifying and locating threats to these valuable animals, will allow to develop the principles of protection and to take effective protective measures in the development of the principles of the "sustainable" fishery. Conducted awareness-raising activities will strengthen protection effects by promoting the applied solutions.

The economic aspect ? the assessment of the significance of the Park for Baltic mammals will strengthen its brand as well as the Baltic Sea brand as the sea with a great ecological potential, also human friendly. The most economically and environmentally effective methods of protecting mammals will be developed.

The social aspect ? the information and promotion carried out in the project will contribute to the development of awareness, and consequently to the acceptance of conservation by local communities. Baltic mammals, by positive associations used to develop a good brand of the Park, should become umbrella species, so as to raise public interest in the protection of the sea.

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