Project co-financed by the EEA Financial Mechanism 2009-2014

Purchase of the underwater vehicle



A submersible vehicle called VideoRay Pro 4 ROV has been purchased as a part of the project. It is a device enabling underwater observation and record. Underwater vehicle can move in all directions, thanks to horizontal and vertical drive rotors. The vehicle is equipped with a camera and two spotlights which allows for accurate and clear observation even under conditions of limited visibility. The vehicle is additionally equipped with a gripper and a knife to cut the ropes. The whole set includes: control console with waterproof monitor, off-road laptop and a 100 meters long cable line that connects the vehicle with a console controller. The console and the laptop have special software to enable control of the vehicle and that captures photos and videos. Weight of the vehicle, including the whole set of ballast is 6 kg and a maximum immersion depth of over 300 m.


During the project, the vehicle will be used for underwater observation conducted from a boat. It will be used for identification of lost nets, as well as for the identification of other objects that are threatening for marine mammals. The creation of threat location maps for marine mammals will be possible based on observation. If the encountered obstacles may threaten mammals – ex. ghost nets – the obstacles will be removed from the sea bottom. The aquatic organisms and their clusters which are relevant to the quality of the habitat and non-natural underwater objects will be filmed, photographed and localized. The most interesting underwater videos and photos will be posted on the project’s website.



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