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Seal pup tracks


tytulOn April 9, in the early morning hours, during the beach on foot patrol carried out in the framework of the project, seal pup tracks were observed. Traces were located approximately at 200.5 km of the seashore and extended across the width of the beach. Tracks were very well preserved, probably came from the night before the observation. The route of seal moves was clearly visible along the beach, from the moment of getting out of the water, transition to rest under the dune and its return to the sea.

In place of „lair”, resting pup left traces of lanugo, which means that beside the small size of trucks, that it was a young one. Observations were consulted with specialists from the Institute of Marine Station of Oceanography in Hel and the Blue Patrol volunteers who have confirmed that these are tracks of the seal pup.

Turn of March and April is the period when juveniles are dropped by their seal mothers and must adapt to independent living. They leave the sea, go to the shore to relax after the first attempts to obtain food. Some of these individuals can’t cope with foraging, or are being too early abandoned by their mothers. Therefore, when we see a seal on the beach of the Słowiński National Park or outside of the area, please notify us or other institutions.

Remember, do not come near, because the seal is a wild animal, and the beach is its natural resting place. You should also pay attention to the various tracks in the sand, maybe one of them is a seal track.


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