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Dead Seal


Dead Seal

On May 26th a dead seal was washed up on the shore at the borders of the Park. The dead animal was in the area of ​​the stream surf at the height of 207 km of the sea coast. It was a few years old male gray seal with a body length of about 145 cm. The dead animal was very well preserved, with only slight loss on the ventral fur, anterior fins and lower jaw. The seal had not been entangled in fishing nets or ropes, also did not have any damage that might indicate that the death of the animal should be directly contributed to the man. The experts from the Marine Station at the University of Gdańsk Institute of Oceanography in Hel were informed about the event.

This has been the first dead seal in the area of ​​the Słowinski National Park reported this year. In 2014, we found only one individual. Reports from observations of seals on the Polish coast can be tracked on the website:




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